Antique Vintage Apothecary Jars Storage

Aug 26th

Vintage apothecary jars can make a fine addition to your home storage ideas. They are antique pieces of glass jars that available for sale. Hobby Lobby and Wholesale are best online sites that provide you best pieces that affordable in prices. Use the jars as canisters and candy storage or others. As vintage jars made of glass, the design can be very interesting to use for other purposes. Lighting fixtures, planters, pots and indeed storage are provided well by the jars. It is antique and you can see the vintage apothecary glass jars on our picture gallery. As vintage pharmacy jars, you can have one to become home storage completion.

Storing small items inside of the glass jars will be just great especially if you have tons of collections. They were popular in China and French style has been taking a high stage these days. They are antique with simple glass material. Small, medium and large can make a fine storage that fills your room. Kitchen and dining room are best places where you can have the storage jars.

In the kitchen, spices along with dinner ware sets can be stored for a well organization. In the dining room, it could be wonderful jar storage to place on top of sideboard to complete the space. Do some customizations to make the glass jars to become really interesting pieces of decorative and functional containers.