Antique Vintage Drafting Stool Chair

Aug 26th

Vintage drafting stool especially ones in industrial style look antique in becoming a seat for your drafting activity with a nice and comforting space. Just like the vintage industrial stool we have in our home office, cedar wood finish does awesome in featuring elegance and strength. Antique stool for drafting is vintage style furniture. As a seating space, drafting stool offers you simple design but could be an amazing piece of completion to your home office. Target is a department store that provides best IKEA stools for you. You can also find them in retro styles to make completely accommodating table in your home office.

Drafting will be more interesting and you can also have room finely filled with functional seating furniture. Unlike drafting bench that usual, having the unique drafting stool will be just great to make a fine space for you when doing drafting with comfort. Wood and metal legs are optional depending on your taste and budget. Upholstery with leather or fabric, the choice is yours to make to get yourself best cushy accommodating seats.

Well, I am in love with wrought iron legs that ornate in pattern and pinky fabric upholstery. It does great in adding elegance into the room. I have one with low back to add a bit of ergonomic feel that supports my back when using it. Learn more about the design from our pictures before making a purchase.