Antique Vintage Drafting Table

Aug 26th

Browse our picture gallery to find vintage drafting table for some inspirations. Antique is a quality that reliable fur unique room decor and the hardware is awesome. Wooden base with metal legs could be your best selection among the available ones on the market. Craigslist can be accessed online for some inspiring references when you are about to find one that meets your taste and budget. Where you can find some? eBay will be a very good place and there are also hardware styles for the completion. Square and rectangular are optional depending on your needs and indeed the layout of your room. A stool as a set along with hardware is to give you a great space when working.

Just like one set that I have in my own workshop, reclaimed wood square based drafting table looks really classy. It almost looks like distressed with natural pine wood finish that reliable to last long of time. I have got folding design that easy to fold and move to store for space maximizing in the workshop. It is a contemporary style but you can also choose to have one fully classy choice. A pedestal and a crank with industrial style are impressive to become your fine selections.

Have you decided the choice? Just ensure in choosing one that enhances your room with easy and comforting working space. It is important to bear in mind layout and decor to get everything right including the atmosphere.