Antique Vintage Drawer Handles and Knobs

Aug 24th

Vintage drawer handles and knobs are going to make a fine addition with antique look and feel to give your furniture great values. Dressers, armoires, cabinets, console tables and many more are exquisite with the vintage hardware. Get them at Restoration Hardware for a lesser price. There are best themes as far as we know that optional based on your taste. Nautical for instance, it has quite cute nursery for an elegant value of furniture. On eBay, there are also wonderful selections that really good to become addition. Finishes like brushed nickel, wrought iron, brass and many more like chrome and stainless are yours to decide.

They are more than just hardware! The prices are ranging from $50 – $100. It is recommended to surf more online sites for some comparisons about products and prices in all details. This will help you in getting best ones at best prices. Avoid disappointment by checking some reliable online retailers such as eBay and Restoration Hardware as I have said.

Just like what we have in our vintage cabinets and dressers, brass nautical themed drawer handles do awesome in featuring nice look. We have remodeled our furniture with the handles and knobs. This is definitely worth trying out to get best quality.