Antique Vintage Wooden Rocking Horse for Toddlers

Aug 27th

Get rid of the modern toys and get back to vintage wooden rocking horse. It is antique as seating toy for kids and ones for toddlers can be amazing nursery value. Old fashioned but still taking a high stage as one of the most popular furniture designs nowadays. Choose ones with springs, wheels or even tricycle that optional depending on taste. eBay has the most favorable collections for sale. Not merely for kids’ nursery, the wooden rocking chairs could also be antique decorations. You can place them on top of sideboard, dresser and media console table. If you have your toddler’s room decorated in vintage theme, then this piece shall make a fine completion.

Rocking horse value depends on what you want to pour. Colors can be decided easily and cheaply. Do it yourself in painting the wooden rocking chairs will be just awesome. Building one by yourself is not hard at all. You can have this as a weekend project. Materials like used planks of wood can easily be obtained such as by getting from used barn wood or table.

It is a great value to go back to vintage times. Bring a nostalgic moment by giving your toddler a wonderful chair and toy. Wooden rocking horse chair will give that to you.