Handmade Vintage Kilim Rug Clothing

Aug 22nd

Get some inspirations from our picture gallery that shows vintage Kilim rug collections. They are handmade that unique in styles and affordable in prices. Carpet and rug are available in different selections that optional depending on your taste. On eBay, you will always find best pieces that really good in featuring wonderful addition to your room. Colors are stark but you can have them to become unique value if you are creative enough. I prefer to call the Kilim rug as overdyed clothing rug. Well, just like what you can see on the pictures, the colors are quite fabulous and you can make them by your own.

Bold colors with stark patterns are indeed contemporary. The combination between vintage and modern styles creates contemporary area rugs for your home improvement. We have best and inspiring pieces uploaded onto this post that shall be very helpful in your DIY project. They are handmade that indeed quite high in price but if you purchase in a bulk, discounted value is obtainable. Play with colors and patterns that meet room decor for more than just filling the space.

Overdyed is probably too stark to see but be creative such as by playing with lighting. Get the pictures? Well, the ideas to decorate rooms with Kilim rugs are easy actually once you have known what to pour into your spaces.