Vintage Milk Crates Storage

Aug 22nd

Make your room uniquely decorated with a functionality of vintage milk crates. They are storage containers to fill spaces with organization offering. I have some from Northern Maryland. They were from the 1960’s and I am delighted to purchase such interesting crates for my home storage. I have been using the crates to become shoe cubicles and even planters. They were in dairy and now available in limited amount. They are commonly with 14 lbs and you can purchase them on the market. Online sites such as Etsy and eBay are best recommendations for you. You can be sure in making a purchase based on your needs.

Study, metal crates and heavy wood are for sure in offering good and reliable quality of storage in your rooms. We truly understand that they are quite unique with vintage style storage containers to help your room with a neater, cleaner and organized look. Firewood, book and other displayable items are for sure in creating nice look of colors and textures in your room. Vintage crates in distressed wood are perfect in homes with shabby chic and industrial styles.

There are available in hundreds of dollars to choose from on the market to become your finest selections. We have some best crates uploaded so check them out for some inspirations.